SimpTimer 1.0.36

Multiple countdown timers for your PPC


  • Run up to six timers simultaneously
  • Customisable alarm sounds


  • Can't assign your own audio files to alarms
  • No feature for adding timer descriptions

Not bad

There are plenty of times in your life where having a countdown timer can help. For instance, if you're working on a task that needs to be turned around within a certain time frame, setting a test for someone, or even boiling an egg.

Of course, it's pretty easy to find a function on a phone or a digital watch that offers a countdown, but SimpTimer provides you with the ability to set up to six timers at once, and have them counting down independently of each other.

It's dead easy to set up the timers and you just need to pick the number of hours, minutes and seconds you wish to count down from the associated drop-down lists.

You can also customise the alarm tone that sounds when the counter reaches zero, however, you only have the option of the bulit-in system sounds to choose from, rather than the ability to assign your own audio file.

The timer display is very clear and the Play, Pause and Reset buttons are nice and big, but ultimately SimpTimer lives up to its name in the fact that it lacks any kind of advanced features.

For instance, it would've been nice to be able to apply descriptions to each of the countdowns.

Overall though, the software provides a strightforward, no-frills way to set up and run multiple timers.

SimpTimer is a countdown timer for Pocket PC. The program allows you to display up to six timers depending on screen resolution and orientation.



SimpTimer 1.0.36

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  • by Anonymous

    Great timer.
    5 timers available, simply, lucid... really great! Free to use, that was what I needed. Provided by...   More